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POPS and SOS Denim Shirts from Wayne Powell

Order from:
Wayne Powell
1387 William Street
Huntington, IN 46750
e-mail to

  • Denim shirts with embroidered POPS or SOS logo. Short or long sleeves. Men's sizes M, L, XL. Women's sizes S, M, L. $25 each plus shipping.


Order from:
Len Zak
POPS Awards Coordinator
4808 Maricopa St
Torrance, CA 90503
e-mail to

  • POPS 8-way RW Award Patch (5 inches tall) - $10.00
  • POPS CRW Award Patch (5 inches tall) - $10.00
  • TBM (Tiny Broadwick Memorial) POPS Women's 8-way Award Patch - $10.00
  • SOS 8-way RW Award Patch (5 inches tall) - $10.00
  • JOS 8-way RW Award Patch (5 inches tall) - $10.00
  • JOE RW Award Patch (5 inches wide) - $10.00
Price of patches includes shipping to addresses in USA. Add $2 shipping for foreign addresses.

SOS and POPS ITEMS from Pat Moorehead

Order from:
Pat Moorehead
SOS #1
3350 St. Francis Pl
Long Beach, CA 90805-3854
e-mail to
Make check payable to Pat Moorehead, SOS#1

Link to SOS Store order form

Short sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, golf shirts, decals and embroidered patches are shown on order form.

JOS ITEMS from Bob Deen

Order from:
Bob Deen
5158 Woodrun on Tillery
Mount Gilead, NC 27306
Phone 910-439-4794
e-mail to Bob Deen via

  • JOS DECALS USD $2.00 each or 3 for USD $5.00 (includes shipping in US)
  • JOS PATCHES USD $10.00 (includes shipping in US)
  • JOS Golf Shirt USD $25.00 each (plus USD $5.00 shipping in US). Sizes S, M, L, XL only.

JOES and JONS ITEMS from Cheryl Whitford

Order from:
Cheryl Whitford
JOES/JONS Administrator
184 Airport Road, Apt 3
Marietta, PA 17547
e-mail to Cheryl Whitford via
NOTE: Orders to ship to addresses outside of USA contact Cheryl via e-mail to calculate shipping charge and arrange payment via PayPal.

  • JOES DECALS 4.25 inch diameter USD $2.00 each or 3 for USD $5.00 (includes shipping in US)
  • JOES PATCHES 4 inch diameter USD $10.00 (includes shipping in US)
  • JONS DECALS 4.25 inch diameter USD $2.00 each or 3 for USD $5.00 (includes shipping in US)
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