(Information for this history was provided by Top JOS, Bill Wood, and is updated by Cheryl Whitford.)

JOS was started by Canadian jumper Bill Nasby in 1999 at the 5th World POPS Meet hosted by The Fraser Valley Skydiving Centre at Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Several members were enrolled. Later, a busy work schedule prevented Bill Nasby from maintaining the membership duties and he turned the title of Top JOS over to Bill Wood.

There are now over 200 members of JOS from all around the world.

Top JOS #2, Bill Wood, was born in 1930. He started sport jumping on August 7, 1970 and now has 2,400+ jumps. He joined POPS in 1977 and is USA POPS #1135. Bill was USA TOP POP#8 (1987-1993).

Top JOS #3 is Bob Deen. Bob started jumping in July of 1963 and now has 2100+ jumps. He is USA POPS #1314, SOS #553, and JOS #235. He holds USPA D-1804 license. Bob is also Christian Skydivers Association (CSA) #36.

TOP JOS in order of their service are:

Bill Nasby - TOP JOS #1

Bill Wood - TOP JOS #2

Bob Deen - TOP JOS #3

Russ Manhold (TOP JOS #4)

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